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We work to make Application Works

We are mobile application developer company. We create useful mobile applications for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android. Our main goal is to create beautiful and useful mobile application.

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This is How We Work

We started to work from the beginning and want to ensure that we develop mobile applications could actually released as expected. We start from the analysis and careful planning. With expertise in this field we are able to create a design with full of creativity. We started working on developing mobile applications with professional team we have. We want to ensure that we develop mobile applications that really work well before launch. Our support does not stop when the mobile application was launched, but we also provide support after the mobile application is launched.

Analyze & Plan

Together with a team of developers, we will analyze all the needs related to the features and applications needed to plan carefully so that applications can be made on time.

Creative Design

Our designer team will apply creative ideas from you in a display application with a user interface that is giving out the ease of the user experience.

Solid Development

Our development team will work hard as possible to realize your creative ideas. We have a professional team of reliable and experienced.

Happy Launched

Our team will continue to monitor the performance of applications and provide technical support and ensure applications run smoothly so that our clients happy.

Our work

Firzil Tech focus on developing mobile applications, the real work we have many quality products. Products of mobile applications that we have developed is created based on creative ideas, and we will continue to develop mobile applications based on creative ideas that will create a mobile application that is useful for our lives. Our clients come from startups to large enterprises to support their business needs.

  • Cipika

    Merupakan sebuah aplikasi mobile android untuk memudahkan kamu belanja online via gadget kamu.

  • Dulux Inspiration

    Aplikasi mobile katalog yang memperkenalkan produk-produk cat unggulan dari Dulux

    Dulux Inspiration
  • WRP Diet

    WRP is health & diet products that help Indonesian women for more than 20 years to gain ideal body in a fun & easy way.

    WRP Diet
  • Starlet - Parador

    Aplikasi android untuk memesan, booking kamar hotel dll.

    Starlet - Parador
  • Modena

    Sebuah aplikasi mobile point of sales (POS) dari Modena yang diperuntukkan bagi internal sales Modena dan berguna sebagai report sales perusahaan.

  • Antar

    Aplikasi yang dapat dipergunakan untuk memesan layanan pengantaran orang atau barang.

  • Masjidia

    Masjidia is an e-commerce platform where Mosque's business unit can serve their Moslem communities better by providing/selling products ranging from halal foods, groceries, daily needs, halal services, and basically anything a Moslem needs.

  • Monica

    Monica gives manager controls what his team doing

  • Protelindo

    Aplikasi Protelindo masih dalam proses develop oleh tim programmer Firzil Tech.

  • Doa Harian

    Aplikasi yang dikembangkan oleh Firzil Tech ini sangat berguna bagi kamu yang ingin melengkapi gadget Android mu.

    Doa Harian
  • Hokben

    Aplikasi Hokben masih dalam proses develop oleh tim programmer Firzil Tech.

  • Sociolla

    Aplikasi Sociolla (iOS) masih dalam proses develop oleh tim programmer Firzil Tech.



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Our team consists of people who have experience in the creative and digital industries in the field of senior programming and design of mobile applications.

Achievement & Awards

We have many award and achievement winning national and regional

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award firzil tech
award firzil tech
award firzil tech
award firzil tech
award firzil tech
award firzil tech
award firzil tech

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